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Planned Giving

Leaving Camphill Ghent in your will helps preserve our innovative, holistic community for future generations. We are paving the way in inclusive elder support and are a proven model of exemplary care.


Making a contribution to Camphill Ghent in your estate plans will ensure that the community you hold dear will continue, and this gesture of giving will also engender a sense of meaning and gratification at having offered your legacy.


Here are ways of leaving Camphill Ghent a Planned Gift:


  • Include us in your estate plan through a will

  • Leave Camphill Ghent any other gift which will be realized in the future, such as a life insurance policy or retirement plan


By including Camphill Ghent in your estate plans, you will become a member of The Margaret Boysdtun Legacy Circle. After informing us of your intentions, we will be honored to welcome you into this group of those who express such perseverance and faithfulness to our important mission.


Download the planned giving brochure.



Margaret Boydstun was a well-loved member of our community. The qualities of faithfulness to the people and love of the land around her have informed her final wishes, as she acknowledged Camphill Ghent generously in her will.


Margo David, a close friend and Trustee of Margaret Boydstun, says:


“Her bequest makes so much sense. She has been able to be a woman of additional impact now, even in her passing. The gift completes her life with the integrity of who she is. I know Camphill Ghent will use the funds from Margaret well. It is an organization whose vision exudes so well from it. I am grateful for all that goes into sustaining this rich resource for living in older age and vulnerability with so much dignity and joy.”


Feel free to contact Kristina Labaty (email), Development Office, at 518-721-8400 regarding your wish to make a future donation.

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