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About Camphill Ghent

Tucked between the rolling hills and ponds of a former 110-acre dairy farm just outside the village of Chatham lies Camphill Ghent, a thriving and unique elder community. Lush greenery and flowerbeds mingle with pastel, light-filled buildings dotting the still-pastoral property.


Camphill Ghent is the only independent living elder community in Columbia County. It is also the only assisted living home in New York State that is integrated with elderly residents who have developmental disabilities.

The mission of Camphill Ghent is inspired by the traditions and values of the worldwide Camphill Movement: to care for, celebrate, embrace and honor the special strengths and needs of each individual. For over 70 years, Camphill has been building communities around the world where individuals are honored for their integrity and value to the whole community.

At Camphill Ghent, every member of the community has an opportunity to contribute to the lives of others, and likewise, to benefit from the experiences and endeavors of others.


We take pride in being a community where elders feel enthusiastic about life as they enjoy beauty, art, learning and rich friendships.  We offer physical, soul and spiritual support so that our residents can enjoy meaningful activities, have opportunities for social engagement, and experience cultural and festival life to enrich the soul.

Camphill Ghent is just minutes from the quaint village of Chatham – close to restaurants, shops, banks, library, movies. It is also close to the expansive cultural life of the Hudson Valley, Berkshires and the Capital Region.


Visit Camphill Ghent today and experience the difference!

  • Is transportation provided for Independent Living residents?
    We provide weekly scheduled transportation for local shopping and errands, as well as an on-campus lunch and activities bus.
  • May I have a car?
    Private garages are provided in our Independent Living town houses and outdoor parking is provided for co-house residents.
  • Do current residents receive priority if they wish to move to another unit.
    Yes. Independent Living residents are given preference for admission to the Adult Home.
  • Are visitors welcome at Camphill Ghent
  • Are there any age restrictions?
    Yes, at least one occupant of each Independent Living unit must be 55 years of age or older. For the Adult Home, residents must be at least 18 years of age.
  • What is the Camphill philosophy?
    Our mission is inspired by the practical and social aims of the worldwide Camphill movement. For 70 years the Camphill movement has built communities around the world in which the principles of anthroposophy are applied to living and working with love. Therefore the name “Camphill Ghent, Elders in Community” is a perfect expression of our aims.
  • What are some of the unique features of life at Camphill Ghent
    Every person has unique gifts that can come alive when they are shared with others. Life at Camphill Ghent is shaped and shared by everyone: Independent Living and Adult Home residents, service volunteers and their children, and our committed, caring staff and friends. Wonderful friendships, mutual support and shared participation in activities and events create a tapestry in which human interest and kindness are unifying threads. All of our residents, service volunteers and staff are welcome to join family-style dining in the dining rooms, where friendships formed and conversations enjoyed are the building blocks of social life. In addition to fun, relaxing social times, our many activities include concerts, plays, lectures, choir, art exhibits, seasonal festivals and a daily schedule of activities.
  • Are meals provided?
    A fine kitchen staff serves healthy, beautifully prepared meals including local and organic foods. Three meals a day and snacks are provided for Adult Home residents. Independent Living residents may purchase the lunchtime meal in the dining rooms of the Adult Home.
  • Are pets allowed?
    Small, well-behaved, friendly pets are welcome in Independent Living apartments. For details, please ask for our Pet Agreement.
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