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Celebrate LIFE
at Camphill Ghent

“You’re coming here to continue to live and celebrate life; get involved with social engagements and participate in community-building. You’ll never feel alone.”


- Joan W, independent resident

Three elderly women seated in lawn chairs


Learn Something New:

At Camphill Ghent, we offer a wide array of activities to keep your mind active and alert. Join an art class and learn how to paint. Then, join the artists-in-residence exhibit at the Joan Allen Art Gallery. Participate in a group study like the Book Club, crafted for lifelong learners. Listen to talks given by invited professional


Integrate into community:

Camphill Ghent makes it convenient for you to access services like meals and transportation. Experience the many cultural events such as musical concerts and festivals- all within our own integrative community. Camphill Ghent is in the town of Chatham and stores, restaurants, banks, libraries, theaters are just a few minutes away.


Form friendships:

Meet new people! Here at Camphill Ghent, both assisted living and independent and residents have the opportunity to form new connections. You meet each other in poetry groups; attending our classical concert series; therapy dog sessions; movie nights; community lunches. There are many ways to reach out and form new bonds!


Engage your bodies:

Whether enjoying a walk in our beautiful gardens, pathways and fields; joining our folk/circle dance sessions; participating in our fitness programs; summer swimming in our outdoor pool; or playing tennis with a buddy; there’s something for everyone to keep their body – and mind – in shape and healthy.

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